December 2014

Santa always seemed to come through with something though, even if it was pre-owned, as they say.  I would get some used clothes, used books, used toys, used candy.  It was my sister, the Troll, who gave me the used candy.

"This Snickers bar has teeth marks on it," I said.

"I know," the Troll said.  "I forgot I don't like caramel."

"You didn't lick it all over, did you?"  I asked, examining the bar carefully for lick marks.

"No," she said. "What kind of a person do you think I am?"

Thinking that she was the kind of a person who would lick a Christmas present, I worried for weeks after eating the candy bar that I would come down with some terrible disease carried by sisters.

~Patrick F. McManus in The Gift (They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?)

Pat McManus

[This is one of my favorite pictures of Dad on Lightening Creek in Idaho in 2008. It was on the front page of the website when we started 5 years ago, and it seems appropriate to be on the front page of our last posting.]

It's the end of an era.  When January 2015 rolls around, PatrickFMcManus.com and McManus Books are fini. It makes me sad as I post the last blogs and last pictures.  We will all miss the kind emails and hilarious stories from Dad's faithful readers.  You are quite an amazing bunch! No wonder you identify with Dad's stories--you've all been there!

McManus Store is selling out all its inventory for our closing Dec. 31.  Bun just found a stack of old, but brand new, story collection paperbacks, which I will be posting immediately.  Once something is gone, we won't be reordering it.  Circles in the Snow, Pat's latest and last Bo Tully mystery, has been very popular. We are down to the last 25, so order yours soon if you don't have it. We will try to stay stocked up on our beloved Rancid hats until the very end if you need an idea for a last minute Christmas gift. The Post Office guarantees they will get our orders anywhere in the US by Christmas if we ship by Dec. 20, so please get all Christmas orders to us no later than Dec. 19.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!  It has been a pleasure sharing Dad's wonderful writing and our McManus family life with you.

Kelly, the web-daughter