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"A style that brings to mind Mark Twain, Art Buchwald, and Garrison Keillor." -~ People Magazine
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Tamarack Murders

The Tamarack Murders (2013)

Bo Tully, sheriff of Blight County, Idaho, has seen his share of small-town crime.  Fact is, everyone in the area knows Tully, and knows his Blight Way of doing things.  But when he and his deputy hike into the deep woods, tracking a suspected bank robber, little do they realize that they are about to witness a murder--and that, in turn will lead the sheriff on an intricate trail, a series of twists and turns demanding his utmost attention and keenest crime-solving abilities.



Horse in My Garage

The Horse in My Garage and Other Stories (2012)

The Horse in My Garage and Other Stories is a hilarious addition to Patrick F. McManus’s existing work in humor. The author weighs in on his childhood, everyday life, and outdoor tales with his typical exaggerated commentary that will elicit a belly laugh from all types of readers.

Read about the antics of Patrick’s friends Rancid Crabtree and Retch Sweeney in such stories as “Shaping Up for the Hunt” and “Bear Hunters.” McManus plays off the recent obsession with hoarders in his surprising story “The Lady Who Kept Things.” In the titular story, meet Patrick’s horse, Huckleberry, and enjoy the experience of all the problems that come along with owning your own horse—or keeping him in the garage.


Huckleberry MurdersThe Huckleberry Murders (2010)

Sheriff Bo Tully is the brand of western lawman who uses as much cunning and guile on the ladies as he does solving his cases. He's a man with a sense of humor and a hunch for the truth, which comes in handy when trying to capture killers and establish order in Blight County.

A twisty case packed with murder and mystery, The Huckleberry Murders is the most entertaining tale yet in this beloved series.


Double-Jack MurdersThe Double-Jack Murders (2009)

A double-jack was a two-man drilling team in an earlier day of mining. It consisted of a person with a low IQ and another person somewhat smarter. The person with the low IQ held the drilling steel while the smarter one hit it with a large sledge hammer. It usually took a hundred hits to get the hole deep enough to insert the blasting powder of dynamite. In 1927, a double-jack vanishes. Blight Country Sheriff Bo Tully must first determine if there was a murder and then solve it. Various romantic distractions complicate his investigation, as well as the distraction that a crazed mountain man is intent on murdering him. McManus humor sparkles through the novel, perhaps establishing it as one of the funniest mysteries ever. Its cast of characters surpasses for weirdness even those in the author’s numerous and much-praised collections of short-humor pieces.

"The laid-back Bo and McManus' signature humor are the main attractions in this third in the series." ~ Booklist

The Blight Way (2006)

The New York Times best-selling author kicks off a rousing new mystery series set in the rarefied air of the Rockies-where maverick local sheriff Bo Tully has his hands full trying to ferret out a murderer among the colorful denizens of Blight County.

"One of the most entertaining mystery debuts in years."

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Avalanche (2007)

A series here to stay: McManus's first book, The Blight Way, took off and hit a few bestseller lists along the way. It didn't take long before readers were clamoring for the next installment. The success of The Blight Way has paved the road for a long-lasting Bo Tully mystery series.



A page-turning mystery filled with mirth andmisadventure: In Avalanche, beloved Sheriff Bo Tully is on his way up to West Branch Lodge, a fancy resort, to investigate a missing persons case. When an avalanche thunders down the mountain, Tully resigns himself to spending some extra time at the lodge. However, nothing can ever be relaxing for Tully, and he soon finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation, not just a missing persons report. Throw in Tully's old flame who's staying at the lodge (but without her husband), and Avalanche falls into place as the perfect second book to this witty series.

"...his idiosyncratic characters and their lunatic ways are what

make this folksy whodunit such fun to curl up with."

—New York Times Book Review

Other McManus Books:

Collections of Outdoor Humor Pieces

A Fine and Pleasant Misery (1978)

They Shoot Canoes, Don't They? (1981)

Never Sniff a Gift Fish (1981)

The Grasshopper Trap (1985)

Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs (1987)

The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw (1989)

The Good Samaritan Strikes Again (1992)

How I Got This Way (1994)

Into the Twilight, Endlessly Grousing (1997)

Real Ponies Don't Go Oink! (1999)

The Bear in the Attic (2002)

Kerplunk (2007)

The Horse in My Garage and Other Stories (2013)

Never Cry "Arp!" (1997) - a collection for younger readers (Out of print.)

Recipes and Memoir

Whatchagot Stew (1989) (Out of print.)

Children's Book

Kid Camping from Aaaaiii! to Zip (1999) (Out of print.)

Tips for Writing Humor

The Deer on a Bicycle (2000)

Bo Tully Mysteries

The Blight Way (2006)

Avalanche (2007)

The Double-Jack Murders (2009)

The Huckleberry Murders (2010)

The Tamarack Murders (2013)

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Pat's Table of Contents

Here is a list of contents of various books that might be helpful to readers in finding their favorite story:

A Fine and Pleasant Misery
A Dog for All Seasons
The Modified Stationary Panic
Grogan’s War Surplus
The Big Trip
The Theory and Application of Old Men
The Two-Wheeled ATV
The Backyard Safari
Shooting the Chick-a-nout Narrrows
The Miracle of the Fish Plate
The Backpacker
Great Outdoor Gadgets Nobody Ever Invented
The Purist
The Outfit
Kid Camping
How to Fish a Crick
Further Teachings of Rancid Crabtree
The Great Cow Plot
The Mountain Man
The Rescue
“I’ll Never Forget Old 5789-A”
The B’ar
The Rendezvous
Cigars, Logging Trucks, and Know-It-Alls
But Where’s the Park, Papa?
A Yup of a Different Color
Mountain Goats Never Say “Cheese!”

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Live Bait but Were Afraid to Ask
The Green Box
Skunk Dog
Cold Fish
The Rifle
They Shoot Canoes, Don’t They?
My First Deer, and Welcome to It
The Crouch Hop and Other Useful Outdoor Steps
Meanwhile, Back at the B Western
The Education of a Sportsman
The Gift
The Sensuous Angler
And Now Stay Tuned for “The Camp Chef”
The Heartbreak of Astigmatism
The Hunter’s Dictionary
Tenner Shoes
Reading Sign
Tying My Own
Psychic Powers for Outdoorsmen
The Fishing Lesson
The Hunting Camp
If You Don’t Mind, I’ll Do It Myself!
Useful Outdoor Comments
Journal of an Expedition

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Blowing Smoke
Poof—No Eyebrows!
I Fish; Therefore, I Am
Running on Empty
The Cat and the Cat Burglar
Salami on Rye and Hold the Wild Gobo
Two-Man-Tent Fever
Fish Poles, and Other Useful Terminology
The Man Who Notices Things
The Elk Trappers
The Short Happy Life of Francis Cucumber
The Arkansas Prank Hound
Well, Excuuuuse Me!
The Mountain Car
The Christmas Hatchet
The Night Grandma Shot Shorty
The Kindest Cut of All
The Bush Pilots
Share and Share Alike
Never Sniff a Gift Fish
Backseats I Have Known
Edgy Rider
Strange Scenes and Eerie Events
The Hunters’ Workout Guide
Temporary Measures
The Fibricators
The Family Camper’s Dictionary
The Big Match

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The Skunk Ladder
How to Go Splat!
The Human Fuel Pump
‘Twas a Dark and Dreary Night
Trailer Trials
The Grasshopper Trap
Get Lost!
Never Cry Snake!
Metamorphosis and Other Outdoor Phenomena Wives Don’t Understand
The Swamp
A Hunker is Not a Squat
Why Wives on Christmas Mourn
The Hunting Lesson
First Knife
Nincompoopery and Other Group Terms
Bad Company
The Case of the Missed Deer
Character Flaws
Mean Tents
Crick Ritual
Hunting Camp Etiquette
Stone Soup
The Wager
Letters from Camp
Sweet Sweet Sixteen
Down and Way Out in Brazil
Strange Encounters of the Bird Kind
The Outing
I, the Hunted

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Muldoon in Love
Cry Wolf
Summer Reading
Angler’s Dictionary
The Mountain
Not Long for This Whirl
Claw of the Sea-Puss
A Really Nice Blizzard
Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs
Nude, with Other Wildlife
The Belcher
The Last Flight of Homer Pidgin
A Boy and His (Ugh!) Dog
To Filet or Not to Filet
What’s in a Name, Moonbeam?
Loud Screeching and Other Tips on Getting Lost
The Big Fix
The Fine Art of Delay
Throwing Stuff
Letter to Santa
The Cabin at Spooky Lake
Outdoor Burnout
Advanced Duck-Hunting Techniques

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The Dumbest Antelope
Out of Sync
Kid Brothers and Their Practical Application
The Fried Flies, please, and Easy on the Garlic
At Loose Ends
Getting It in the Ear
Garage-Sale Hype
How to Get Started in Bass Fishing
As the Worm Squirms
A Road Less Traveled By
The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw
Water Spirits
Letter to the Boss
Scritch’s Creek
The Tin Horn
Cupidity, Draw Thy Bow
Whitewater Fever
Never Cry “Arp!”
Visions of Fish and Game
A Brief History of Boats and Marriage
Boating Disorders
Try Not to Annoy Me

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Controlling My Life
Strange Meets Matilda Jean
A Good Deed Goes Wrong
The Fishing Box
Social Skills
The Clown
A Good Night’s Sleep
A Brief History of Giving (1942-89)
Pouring My Own
Teenagers From Hell
Secret Places
Search and—Uh—Rescue
The Bust
Real Ponies Don’t Go Oink!
Blood Sausage
Crash Dive!
My Abduction by Creatures From Space, for What It’s Worth
Phantom of the Woods
The Piano Lesson
Zumbo and the Misty Mountain Ghosts
The Road Hunter
Why Is It?
The Late Great Fourth
Camping In

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The Worry Box
Sighting-In:  The McManus Method
The Big Fish
The Farm
Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
The Blundered Buss
Chukar Madness
The Grogan Look
The Secret of Goosey Smith’s Success
Easy Ed
You Can See by My Outfit
Forget Desire
The Good Samaritan Strikes Again
Ah, Sweet Poverty!
My Unsolved Mystery
Bring Me One Oscar, Hold the Sarcasm
The Flashlight Man
The Fly
Mean Gifts
Score One for the Pinky
The Kelly Irregulars Learn to Cry
Rancid Crabtree and the Demon Bat

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How I Got This Way, Part I
Ethics, and What to Do About Them
Get Ready
The Bandage
The Big Woods
Elk Magic
There She Blows
The Blue Dress
Warped Camshaft
The 400-Pound Pumpkin
Tenner-Shoe Blight
Letter from a Kingfisher
The Ultimate Bull
My Greatest Triumph
Another Boring Day
The Complete Curmudgeon
The Liars Club
A Couple Pickles Shy of a Full Barrel
Excuse Me, While I Get Out of the Way
The Two Masked Raiders
Mosquito Bay
My Hike with, ahem, the President
Ed in Camp
How I Got This Way, Part II

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This book contains stories that have been in other books and is intended for young readers.
Skunk Dog
The Mountain
Reading Sign
Kid Brothers and Their Practical Application
Never Cry “Arp!”
Real Ponies Don’t Go Oink!
Secret Places
A Really Nice Blizzard
Muldoon in Love
Not Long for This Whirl
The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw

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The Boy
Mountain Men
Sam Spud and the Case of the Maltese Fly
Other Than That, Bostich…
The Chicken-Fried Club
Into the Twilight, Endlessly Grousing
Dream Fish
Crime Wave
Attack of the Stamp People
Big Ben
Roast Beef
The Fly Rod
The Stupidity Alarm
Work and Other Horrors
The Dangers of Light Tackle
Faint Heart
Mrs. Peabody II
Cereal Crime
My Fishing Trip with Ernie
For Crying Out Loud!
Fan Mail
Bike Ride
Uncle Flynn’s Hairy Adventure
Hunting the Wily Avid

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The Bear in the Attic
The Magic Tree
’37 Pickup
Skinny in Traffic
The Gap
Incident at Fish Camp
Roughing It Over Easy
Culinary Magic
If I May Digress
Just Like Old Times
Comments I Could Do Without
The Last Honest Man
Ralston Comes Through
Trumped by a King
A Hunter’s Breakfast
As the Ear is Bent
Curly and Mo
Survivors of the Far Out
The Shooting Lesson
Dumb Feet
Of Fire and the Night
The Snow Cave
The Unexplained
The Time Machine
Tin Boat
What’s in a Name
Wrestling Toads
Sling Bleed
A Big Chill
In Judgment of Men
Pest Power
A Fish for Vile
Real Work

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KERPLUNK!  (2007)
The Art of Trailering
Silent but Deadly
Excuses Excuses
Splitting Infinitives
Don’t Annoy My Inner Frontiersman
Camping Out with Lewis & Clark
Strange Meets His Match
“Uh-oh!” (And Other Things Guides Shouldn’t Say)
The Ideal Life
A Creek Too Far
The Perfect Hunt
Thirty Days
Where’s Mr. Sun?
The Lucky Guy
Many Are Called
A Dimple in Time
Spare Me the Details (What Are the Odds of a Double Flat?)
The Haircut
The Winter of Eighteen Months
Christmas Goose
Peak Experience
Back to Basics
People Who Hunt
For Every Smell, a Nose
The Ordinary
The Kind of Guy I Am
High-Centered (And Other Life Lessons)
A Look Too Many
The Eighty
Performance Netting
The Pasture

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