Pat Online ~ April 2014

Ice Cream Meltdown

Original Drawing by Peggy McManus

[Childhood drawing of Pat by Peggy McManus, daughter #3.]

I pulled into our driveway and yelled at our four little girls, “Quick, get your mother and pile into the car, Dandy’s is giving away free banana splits to families until two o’clock today.  The girls screamed in delight and ran to get their mother.  My wife, Bun, was as delighted as the little girls as we drove off toward the ice cream parlor a mile or so from our house.  I have to say I was totally delighted at the sounds of all those happy little voices expressing their joy over free banana splits.  Only a father like me could fully appreciate such youthful exuberance.  Bun even joined in, her adult enthusiasm over just the thought of a free banana split scarcely less than that of the children.  At last I pulled into Dandy’s parking area and stopped.

Bun asked, “Do you need some help carrying out all those banana splits?  I’d be glad to come in with you.”

“That won’t be necessary,” I said, “BECAUSE IT’S APRIL FOOLS DAY!”

I can’t begin to recreate the cries of rage and disappointment and sorrow and maybe even a few tears that erupted in that car.  The children were almost as upset as their mother.  Chuckling good naturedly over my little joke, I was about to pull out of Dandy’s parking lot, when Bun growled, “Just a second there, Buster.”

Do you have any idea how much six banana splits cost when they’re not on sale?  I had to have one, too, of course, just to settle my nerves.

Pat & kids, 1958


[In spite of his annoying April Fools jokes, kids love Pat anyway.  Here he is shown in 1958 surrounded by Shannon and Kelly McManus (daughters) and Mike and Pat Carlman (nephews).]