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McManus Photo Album:

Some Family Pictures


Pat celebrates his 80th birthday, 2013. 

Patricia Gass, 1989

Patricia "The Troll" Gass, taken in 1989 on the McManus cabin deck. Notice that Pat and Bun have her cooking steak on the BBQ. She was an amazing cook.

Pat's mom Mabel

A young Mabel--Pat's mother.

Vic DeMers

Victor DeMers, Pat's step-father

Edith Hall Klaus

Edith Hall Klaus-- "Gram"

Pat's Lifelong Friends

Vern, 1949

Vern on one of the many rafts he and Pat crafted together. Lake Darling, Idaho, 1949.


Fishing buddy Norm and a very large fish, 1968.

Bob and Pat, 1951

Pat and Bob on "The Big Trip". Selkirk Mountains, Idaho, 1951.

Jim and Ross, 1954

Jim and Ross and the 1939 Chevy that Pat and the gang went off to college in, Grouse Creek. Idaho, 1954.





One of my favorites pictures. Notice the steely look in Pat's eyes, as the wiley outdoorsman suspects he is being stalked by aliens at a family gathering a couple years ago. Obviously Pat survived, but the alien was not so fortunate.

[Photograph by Kelly Walkup]